Websites, web solutions and software applications are designed in consultation with clients.
Proposals for possible site enhancements such as user friendliness, efficiency and aesthetics are offered to clients.
An interactive pattern of development is followed throughout, the development process, and clients can test/use the completed segments, and offer suggestions.
Complete back up services for possible modifications required by the user once the website/application is up and running.
Due to the streamlined process followed by us throughout the development process and post development, overseas clients have had no difficulty in placing orders, and dealing with us, on an extended basis.

Our IT services encompass the following:

Big Data and Business Analytics
Development of Bigdata solutions to crunch up terabytes of data to be fed into DMP's for reporting.

LAN, Wireless LAN and Web Server Setup
Set up of workstations and servers under Windows, Linux, Solaris or mixed environments for operation on high speed LAN’s or wireless networks, and setup of specialized servers like application, database, web, file servers.

Web based Software Development
Development of interactive websites from basic business operations, to web solutions handling complex business processes. Development of the said web solutions is carried out in ASP.NET or JSP with visual JSF framework, incorporating technologies like Ajax. Database back ends like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle are used as per the clients requirements.

Application Software Development
Development of a whole spectrum of software products in .NET or Java.

CMS Development [Only on Specific Requests]
Content Management Systems used are Joomla or DNN

Mobile Application Development
Development of custom mobile solutions such as games or handy business applications, using J2ME [Java mobile edition], .NET mobile apps, iPhone or Android apps.

BPO services
Text documents dealing with various businesses, database entries, file conversion as per formats specified by clients and scanning of documents.

Training programs in Various spheres of IT including Business Applications
Goa being an International tourist destination, many foreign tourists are keen on having training in various fields whilst in Goa, we have amongst us, persons holding Masters Degrees in the Computer field, with excellent academic records, and have conducted various training sessions in the past, as per the training requirements put forward by prospective clients, we will advise them of the fees, also if required, right from the point of arrival, accommodation etc. can be arranged as per the clients budget requirements. Training is offered in the following areas namely :

  • Microsoft Office applications: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Exchange Server, Project, Sharepoint.
  • Microsoft Development Technologies: .NET Web based and application development in C# or VB.NET
  • Database Management systems: Access, SQL Server, My SQL, and Oracle
  • Java training using J2SE, J2EE, EJB3.0, Java Persistence API [JPA]
  • Network operating systems: Linux, Solaris, Windows 200X Server, with network setup
  • Contact us for other custom courses.

SEO Services
Search engine optimization to enhance search engine rankings for a site.

Graphics Design and Multmedia Presentations
Design of logos, letterheads, business cards, greeting cards, web graphics and multimedia presentations.

IT Consultancy Services
Help desk services both technical[IT centric] and non technical.

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